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Soil Classifiers

Soil Classifiers in Douglas County


Earl Voss

4009 Farhills Dr.

Champaign, IL


Roger Windhorn

P.O. Box 6232

Champaign, IL


Galen Litwiller
1270 3500 N Road
Paxton, IL 60957

Robert McLeese
1076 Bucks Pond Road
Monticello, IL 61856

Soil Evaluation Requirement


  • All permit applications for subsurface seepage systems must be accompanied by a soil evaluation. Soil evaluations must be conducted by a Certified Professional Soil Classifier (CPSC) or an Illinois licensed professional engineer (ILPE).

  • For a complete list of Certified Professional Soil Classifiers in Illinois, you can visit

  • In previous years, percolation tests have been used. Per Illinois Private Sewage Disposal Code updates, percolation tests are no longer recognized. A soil evaluation from a CPSC or ILPE.

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