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Soil Classifiers

Soil Classifiers in Douglas County


Earl Voss

4009 Farhills Dr.

Champaign, IL


Roger Windhorn

P.O. Box 6232

Champaign, IL


Galen Litwiller
1270 3500 N Road
Paxton, IL 60957

Robert McLeese
1076 Bucks Pond Road
Monticello, IL 61856

Soil Evaluation Requirement


  • Anyone requesting a building permit on a new site that will have waste water output that does not have access to sanitary sewer must have a soil evaluation submitted. After the soil evaluation has been submitted to the office or the health department has signed off on it, a building permit may be issued by the Supervisor of Assessments office.

  • Anyone with building additions that have added bedrooms must be notified of the seepage change requirements. Information will be handed out to the applicant and referral to the health department will be made.

  • Soil evaluator information along with septic information will be available at the Supervisor of Assessments office or the health department for residents review.

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