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Emergency Prep & Medical Reserve Corps

Emergency Preparedness

Douglas County Health Department will continue to sustain current public health preparedness and response capabilities in accordance with previous CDC public health emergency preparedness grants and deliverables as is possible with reduced resources.


To prioritize and determine capabilities relevant for the grantees to address over the five-year project period, Grantees will analyze a jurisdictional hazard vulnerability risk assessment- either to be conducted or previously completed but current; conduct an assessment of current capabilities and gaps utilizing the PHP Capabilities National Standards; focus on Tier 1 capabilities and sustaining of current public health activities from Tier 11 capabilities in year one with optional analysis of other Tier 11 capabilities in year one and mandatory addition in years two-five; and comply with Department PHP Capabilities National Standard initiatives.

Medical Reserve Corps

Purpose of a Medical Reserve Corps

  • Draw Health Professionals and Concerned Citizens into volunteer service

  • Train members to respond better to the needs of individual communities, thereby enhancing local emergency response efforts

  • Create a framework to match volunteer skills with their community needs

  • Provide opportunity at the community level to respond to local health needs and priorities

A Medical Reserve Corps [MRC] provides medical assistance with sudden emergencies including but not limited to : fires, tornadoes, floods, plane crashes, chemical spills, terrorism incidents, explosions, unusual disease outbreaks or suspected bio-terrorism incidents that may require a massive immunization of people or distribution of preventative medications. This valuable resource can also be utilized in other ways through community outreach and education.

An MRC can be used to supplement existing emergency services when a disaster is of a magnitude that overwhelms existing resources. In addition, an MRC can provide relief for overworked personnel in the event of an emergency. For instance, during an infectious disease outbreak, the MRC can help administer medication in a timely manner to maintain quality of care and minimize panic.

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