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Douglas County Board of Health

The Douglas County Board of Health typically meets monthly on the third Monday at 5:30PM.

Watch the Board of Health Meeting Live:

Our Board of Health Members:

Dr. Virginia Wade, MD- President

Jeremy Leonard- Vice President

Nancy Simpson-Secretary

Dr. Rick Davidson, DMD

Bibby Appleby

David Bozarth

Dr. Rafael Ruggieri, MD

Jim Higgins

For meeting minutes and agendas archived, please see the associated tabs under "Board of Health".

Board of Health Members

Back Left to Right: Dr. Richard Davidson (DMD), Jim Higgins, and Dr. Rafael Ruggieri, MD. Front Left to Right: Jeremy Leonard (Vice President), Nancy Simpson (Secretary), and Dr. Virginia Wade, MD (President). Not Pictured: Bibby Appleby and David Bozarth.

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