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Dental Smile
Dental Clinic

Visiting the Dental Clinic at Douglas County Health Department provides essential oral health care services. Dedicated professionals ensure a comfortable experience, prioritizing your dental well-being.

Baking Butter Cookies
Environmental & Food Services

The Environmental and Food Services at Douglas Country Health Department ensures community safety by monitoring and maintaining health standards in food establishments and the environment. Their rigorous inspections and proactive measures contribute to a healthier living environment for residents. 

Baby with Stethoscope

At the Douglas County Health Department, the Nursing/WIC/FCM services offer comprehensive support for maternal and child health. With skilled nursing staff and Women, Infants, and children programs, they provide vital resources and guidance to promote the well-being of families in the community.

Doctor Checking Pulse
Outreach & Education

Visiting the outreach and Education services at Douglas Country Health Department provides access to valuable resources, workshops, and information aimed at promoting community health awareness. Engaging programs empower individuals with knowledge for better health outcomes. 

Doctor and Patient
DOCO Health Center

The DOCO Health Center at Douglas County Health Department is a hub for comprehensive healthcare services. From primary care to specialized clinics and mental health care, it's a one-stop destination fostering community health with a dedicated team of professionals.

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