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Real Estate Transfer Evaluation

Home Loan Septic and Water Evaluations


Often, when considering a property transfer, whether it is through buying or selling, one needs to have a review of their property based on safety and sanitation issues. This is most often required when attempting to get a home loan.


The Douglas County Health Department provides Home Loan Septic and Water Evaluations. Inspections consist of an evaluation of the water supply and sewage disposal system that services the property.


The sanitarian conducting the inspection determines if the water supply is safe and if the sewage disposal system is functioning properly.

Cost of evaluations


Home Loan Septic and Water Evaluation: $125.00 per site
Home Loan Septic Evaluation Only: $75.00 per site
Home Loan Water Only Evaluation: $50.00 per site

How to schedule an evaluation


Contact the Douglas County Health Department at 217-253-4137.

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