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Establishment Plan Review

Why Have A Plan Review?


The purpose of a plan review is to verify that your facility’s structure and equipment and their capacities are in compliance with the Douglas County Food Service and Retail Food Store Sanitation Rules and Regulations. The rules and regulations were designed toward the prevention of foodborne illness and the meeting of consumer expectations for a safe and sanitary food service.

Plan Review Packet

When Are Plans Required?


A permit applicant or permit holder shall submit to the Douglas County Health Department a plan review package for:

  • Construction of a food service establishment, mobile food unit or retail food store.

  • The conversion of an existing structure for use as a food service establishment, mobile food unit or retail food store.

  • The remodeling of a food service establishment, mobile food unit or retail food store.

  • Change of ownership. Contact the Douglas County Health Department immediately, as permits are not transferable.

What Is Included In A Plan Review?

The contents of the plans and specifications for a food service establishment, mobile food unit or retail food store should include the following:

  • Plan review application.

  • One set of architectural plans to scale, containing mechanical, plumbing, electrical & HVAC schematics, construction materials, finish schedules and equipment layout.

  • Equipment specification sheets to include proposed equipment types, manufacturer’s model numbers, dimensions, performance capabilities, and installation specifications.

  • Previously owned equipment can be used only if it is inspected and approved prior to installation.

  • Intended menu.


How Much Does A Plan Review Cost?

A plan review costs $100.00.

How Much Does A Food Service Permit Cost?

$110.00 Category I
$85.00 Category II
$60.00 Category III

When Should I Contact The Health Department Concerning Questions About The Plan Review, Building Site Construction Or Scheduling A Pre-Operational Inspection?

At any time during our business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

How Will I Know My Plans Are Approved?

When a letter of design approval has been issued.

When Can I Begin Construction?

When you receive the letter of design approval.

What Is A Pre-Operational Inspection?

A pre-operational inspection is an inspection to verify that the food establishment is constructed and equipped in accordance with the approved plans and approved modifications of those plans, and is in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

When Is The Final Permit Issued?

The Douglas County Health Department shall conduct the pre-operational inspection for permit when all construction is completed, construction materials are removed, facility is cleaned, equipment is cleaned and sanitized, operational and approved for use.


Can I Have Any Remaining Items Not Completed At The Time Of The Pre-Operational Inspection?

NO. It expected that you will be in total compliance for the pre-operational inspection for permit.


When Can I Start To Have Food Delivered And Train The Staff?

When the permit is issued after the pre-operational inspection.


Will I Be Required to Close My Establishment During Remodeling?


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