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Cottage Food Permit

What is a Cottage Food Permit?

A Cottage Food Permit is allows for individuals to cook foods, that are not time and temperature controlled for safety, from their homes and sell directly to individuals.

This includes things like baked goods, canned goods, drinks, and fermented foods.

It does NOT include time and temperature-controlled things like meat and dairy, or foods that can become hazardous if not cooked and held at proper temperatures.

How can I get a Cottage Food Permit?

The initial cost to register under the Cottage Food Act is $50.00, with an annual renewal fee of $15.00.

Another component is completing and obtaining a Food Service Protection Manager (FSPM) certification. For this course you are required to attend and pass the test with a score of 75% or higher. This class costs $140.00 and the certification is valid for five year.

To take a Food Service Protection Manager (FSPM) class, please call the Douglas County Health Department and ask to speak with Amanda Minor.

Below is the Cottage Food Registration Form, a check-list and a food safety plan available for download.

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