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Children's Vision & Hearing

Screenings for Children

The school years are an important time of learning and growth in a child’s life. During this period of development it is vital that the knowledge and skills our children are being introduced to is not inhibited.


The State of Illinois recognized this fact when they passed the Child Vision and Hearing Act. This Act allows for state resources to be used to provide recommended Vision and Hearing screenings for school aged children.

Who is Eligible?

Vision and Hearing screenings are provided for children ages three to five years who attend a licensed preschool or day-care center in Douglas County.* Vision and hearing screenings are also provided to twelve county parochial schools.


Also, screenings can be done by appointment for children ages 3-18. After the screening the parents are notified of the results, and, if necessary, are referred for an examination. Screenings do not result in a diagnosis, instead they provide methods to determine if more medical testing is needed.

What happens next?

Children who are identified with a vision or hearing problem are referred for further medical evaluation. The nursing staff at the Douglas County Health Department coordinates follow-up on all referred children.

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