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Temporary Food Permit

What is a temporary food permit?

It is a permit issued to anyone serving food to the general public on a temporary basis for an event that lasts no longer than 14 days.

Who needs a temporary food permit?

  • If you currently hold a food permit but are planning on cooking off of your property or preparing food outside that you do not normally prepare inside. For example: You own a restaurant and have a permit but are setting up a stand at a community festival and cooking ribs off-site on a grill. You need a temporary food permit.

  • If you do not have a regular, full-time business but are planning on serving any type of food or beverage (for 14 or less days annually). For example: You are serving lemon shake-ups at the Moultrie-Douglas County Fair to support your local youth group. You need a temporary food permit.

  • If you cater in Douglas County but cater less than 14 times per year within the county. For example, your catering business is based in Champaign but you’ve been asked to cater 3 luncheons in Villa Grove. You need a temporary food permit.

  • If you are a vendor who travels throughout the year and has a food stand that is based in another county or state but are going to serve food and/or beverages in Douglas County. For example: You have a trailer that has a working kitchen and you travel throughout the summer serving elephant ears, and, although you work most of the time in Pennsylvania, you will be serving at the Raggedy Ann and Andy Festival in Arcola. You need a temporary food permit.*

  • If you are having a one-time food event and you are serving any food product to the public. For example: The local fire station is holding an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast. You need a temporary food permit.

How much does a temporary food permit cost?

The fee for a temporary food permit is $20.00 per event.* $50.00 Seasonal in conjunction with 3 or more events. If you open a stand without a permit, there will be a late fee of $25.00.

How can I get a temporary food permit?

Temporary food permits can be obtained in person, by phone or by mail. In addition, a temporary food permit application can be printed from this webpage and mailed or faxed to the Douglas County Health Department. Food permits will not be issued at the event.

Please call our office at 217-253-4137 if you haven’t heard from us within 7 days of submitting.


**NOTE**  If you do not receive your permit within 7 days of your submission please contact us.

Mail to:
Douglas County Health Dept.
1250 E US Hwy 36
Tuscola, IL 61953

Common things to know about cooking at festivals and outdoor events in Douglas County

  • Any food prepared outside on site must be prepared in a screened-in area.

  • Outside cookers and grills must have lids. An open grill may be in a screened-in, well-ventilated stand.

  • There must be appropriate facilities to maintain cold food at 41 degrees or below.

  • Hot food must be maintained at 145 degrees or higher. THERMOMETERS ARE A MUST!

  • Use single serve items

  • All water used at the stand must be from an approved source. Hoses used to provide water must be of a food-grade quality.

* If you are a not-for-profit agency, you are exempt from paying a fee for your permit. You still MUST have a permit to operate even a stand that offers one food product or you are only operating for a couple of hours on one day.

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