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Staff Directory by Department

Administration & Accounting Staff

Amanda Minor, LEHP, CPST

Public Health Administrator

Amanda Minor Staff Photo

Ext. 1214

April Kauffman

Office Manager,

Chief Compliance Officer

April Kauffman Staff Photo

Ext. 1203

Erica Leonard

Accounting Specialist

Erica Leonard Staff Photo

Ext. 1203

Ashley White

Billing Specialist

Ashley White

Ext. 1229

Community Outreach & Health Education Staff

Summer Phillips Staff Photo

Summer Phillips

Director of Outreach,

Public Information Officer,

Social Platforms Manager

Ext. 1202

Colleen Lehmann Staff Photo

Colleen Lehmann

Public Health Liaison,

Social Platforms Manager

Ext. 1225

Dental Clinic Staff

Lisa Biehl Staff Photo

Lisa Biehl, RDH

Director of Dental

Chan Lin Staff Photo

Dr. Chan Lin, DMD


Richard Davidson Staff Photo

Dr. Richard Davidson, DMD

Dentist (PT)

Suzanne Haslett

Suzanne Haslett


Lindsey Smith Staff Photo

Lindsey Smith, RDH

Dental Hygienist

Cassie Pierce Staff Photo

Cassie Pierce, RDH

Dental Hygienist

Karen Condarco Staff Photo

Karen Condarco

Dental Assistant

Sandy Gregory Staff Photo

Sandra Gregory

Dental Assistant

Dr. Jake Stimmel

Dr. Jake Stimmel


Ashley Peterson Staff Photo

Ashley Peterson, RDH

Dental Hygienist

Monica Nieto Staff Photo

Monica Nieto

Dental Assistant

Toni Green

Toni Green

Dental Assistant

Environmental & Food Services Staff &
Emergency Prep/Medical Reserve Corps Staff

Aaron Due

Aaron Due

Director of Environmental & Food Services

Ext. 1210

Lori Bowman

Lori Bowman

Environmental Health Specialist

Ext. 1204

Front Office Staff

Diana Watson Staff Photo

Diana Watson

Dental Receptionist

Ext. 1209

Caitlynn Russell Staff Photo

Caitlynn Russell

Dental Receptionist

Ext. 1201

Sally Colunga Staff Photo

Sally Colunga

Nursing Receptionist

Ext. 1200

Melanie Ramirez

Melanie Ramirez


Ext. 1229

Information Technology Staff

Brandon Gast

Robert Williams

Director of Information Technology

Ext. 1219

Nursing, WIC, FCM, & COVID Staff

Stacy Shonkwiler Staff Photo

Stacy Shonkwiler, MSN, RN

Director of Nursing,

Chief Privacy Officer

Ext. 1205

Macey Kuhring Staff Photo

Macey Kuhring, RN

Public Health Nurse

Ext. 1223

erica copsy

Erica Copsy, RN

WIC Nurse

Ext. 1211

Dielsy Garcia Staff Photo

Dielsy Garcia, CNA

WIC Intake Clerk

Ext. 1212

Jade Hutchcraft

Jade Hutchcraft, RN

Staff Nurse

Ext. 1218

Leah Hunt

Leah Hunt, CMA

COVID Tester/Tracer, Navigator

Ext. 1224

Douglas County Health Center

Abby Hendren

Abby Hendren, MHP

Health Center Manager

Ext. 1228

Matya Riley

Matya Riley, FNP-C

Medical Provider

Ext. 1213

wade stark

Wade Stark, MA, LCPC

Mental Health Provider

Ext. 1230

Dayse Vilella

Dayse Villela, CMA

Medical Assistant

Ext. 1231

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