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Enviro & Food Services Dept Announcement | March 9, 2022

Gold Spoon Awards Announcement

The Douglas County Health Department Environmental & Food Services Department would like to give congratulations to the following food establishments within Douglas County who have received a Gold Spoon Award. This is awarded for establishments with no priority violations, no more than one priority foundation violation, no repeat violations, and excellence in training of Certified Food Protection Managers and Food Handler Staff at the required levels at all times.

The awardees are as follows:

The Pantry, Flesor’s Candy Kitchen, Vita’s Taquerias, Villa Grove School, The Korner Beehive, Michael’s Tavern, Sister’s Coffee, Monical’s Pizza – Tuscola, Teresa’s Too, Tuscola IGA’s, Big Buford’s, and The Smith House.

A Gold Spoon Award is also awarded to retail establishments with no food preparation which had no violations observed at the time of their annual inspection; the recipient(s) are as follows: Arcola Country Store & Gas.

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Enviro Announcement | March 9, 2022


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