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Meet The DoCo Providers


Matya Riley, FNP-C

Medical Provider

Ext. 1213


Wade Stark, MA, LCPC

Mental Health Provider

Ext. 1230

DoCo Health Center is fortunate to have Matya Riley leading the healthcare team. A Charleston resident (but proud Neoga native), Matya is an advanced practice provider with experience caring for a variety of patient populations in numerous settings. She holds an MS in nursing from Frontier Nursing University, and a BS in nursing from SIU Edwardsville, graduating with honors from both institutions.

Matya says she knew from a young age a medical career would be in her future, but wasn't sure exactly what that would look like. The passion was sparked after watching her grandmother battle Alzheimer's disease. Helping care for her grandmother throughout that time was the turning point.

An empathetic nature, quick mind, and patient-first philosophy are hallmark's of Matya's clinical interactions. She has experience in family case management, as a WIC nurse, a provider at Planned Parenthood and for in-home health. She has worked with elderly, pediatric, and gender non-conforming populations, in women's health, in hospital and public health settings, and private practice. Additional practice proficiencies include hormone therapy, joint injections, and regenerative stem cell treatments.

DoCo Health Center is excited to welcome Wade Stark as its mental healthcare provider. He brings eight years experience, most recently as a clinical supervisor for Elliott Counseling Group, offering intensive clinical therapeutic services to children, adolescents, and adults.

Among other responsibilities, he developed and facilitated DBT group therapy and anger management groups. He is also experienced in crisis situation counseling. Areas of expertise include anger and anxiety management, trauma, and DBT.

Wade cites his ability to connect with others and "meet them where they are" and bringing a safe environment and realism to the therapeutic process as professional strengths.

Wade's passion for his chosen career was ignited after having a successful therapy experience himself when he was younger. He finds it particularly rewarding to help provide hope to others who feel they have lost theirs and is excited to offer services in the rural community, having grown up not far from here.

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